SYAA: Vandals ransack, steal safe from baseball headquarters


SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Suffolk Police are investigating who vandalized and stole from the Suffolk Youth Athletic Association’s baseball and softball headquarters off Kings Fork Road.

SYAA commissioners said vandals destroyed concession food and also stole a lot of money that was being raised for a sick player.

Robert Carpenter, the baseball/softball commissioner, said the suspect went through every room in the building. Carpenter showed where someone kicked in doors, as well.

“And it’s a pretty good size footprint,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said boys and girls had games on Tuesday night. The last people left the fields around 8:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Sunflowers seeds and peanuts were thrown in a trashcan by one of the fields. A bag of frozen french fries was thrown in the middle of one of the baseball fields. Carpenter said the suspect also heated up cheese and chili, combined the two, and smeared it all over one of the windows.

Carpenter said the league makes $2,000 – $3,000 per week with concessions. They will finish out their season, which only has a few more weeks left in it. However, they won’t have any concessions for the time being.

“It’s a non-profit,” said Michel Bilé, SYAA’s president. “So it definitely hurts when something like this takes place.”

Carpenter said the league is also missing a three foot tall safe from a downstairs closet. Not only was the safe full of checks for the umpires, they said it contained $750 raised for a young baseball player. Jordan White, 15 years-old, is one of SYAA’s baseball players. Carpenter said he went into cardiac arrest at a school baseball practice earlier in the year.

“We raised a bunch of money for him over the last year,” said Carpenter. “We were going to donate that to his family, come Monday night as a matter of fact, at the board meeting.”

League leaders are frustrated and upset. Especially when they think about the direct impact the theft and vandalism has on the 300 boys and girls who play at the fields every week.

“To have somebody just invade your privacy, and take whatever does not belong to them, I think is disheartening,” said Bilé.

While there won’t be anymore concessions at the rest of the games this season, league leaders said they won’t stop doing is raising money for Jordan White and his family.

They plan to start fundraising at their game on Thursday at 6 p.m. The league has more games on Saturday at 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

On Tuesday, vandals also hit a golf course in Suffolk. Police said someone vandalized Sleepy Hole Golf Course. The suspect threw eggs on cars and damaged 30 golf carts. City spokeswoman, Diana Klink, told it’s too early to tell if the events are connected.

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