E-ZPass online update confuses some drivers


A viewer alerted 10 On Your Side about an issue involving E-ZPass’ fine print when she tried to sign in and replenish her account.

Chances are if you sign into your account, you will see the updated terms and agreements online and be asked to click that you have read it. In the new conditions, the one titled “J” made Christina Linnette stop and say “I’m not clicking this.”

Line J states: You agree not to dispute E-ZPass Charges that are more than six months old.

“I think that is crazy that you are not going to let a consumer dispute charges,” Linnette said. “I don’t have the E-ZPass if I don’t accept that.”

The updates are meant for E-ZPass Flex customers, according to VDOT. But a spokeswoman for the department of transportation said regardless no one has to pay for any E-ZPass trip if the bill doesn’t come within 60 business days.

“However, it is critical to have that dispute information in there because customers may not monitor their accounts on a regular basis. We certainly encourage them to do so,” Marshall said.

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