PEOPLExpress won’t resume service as scheduled

Photo courtesy Ted Kitchens. Photos taken at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — PEOPLExpress have said they will not be able to resume service on the date they had previously announced.

The airline announced Thursday morning they will not be able to resume service until they receive government approvals. Therefore, they cannot commit to their date of Oct. 16.

In a statement released by PEOPLExpress CEO Jeff Erickson said, “A number of steps need to be achieved before we can resume service, among them some regulatory approvals.”

They also said they have an agreement with an additional aircraft provider which will provide them with a third aircraft as a spare, alleviating the service issues previously experienced. “In order to ensure that we always have enough planes and crews, we are obtaining approval to operate as an Indirect Aircraft Carrier (known as Part 380). This will allow us to obtain planes from a number of providers if necessary for service stability,” said Erickson.

For more information customers can reach PEOPLExpress at 844.4FLYPEX (844.435.9739), chat online at, or email at

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