NSU kicker plays with a heavy heart

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)- It’s tough being a field goal kicker. Norfolk State sophomore kicker Cameron Marouf knows this all too well.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, Marouf played soccer and it was his mother Nancy who pushed him towards football. “Junior year, the varsity coach called and I did not want to talk to him. She talked to him and he said, you want your son to come out and my mother told me to just listen. You’ve got all the benefits, all you have to do is kick the ball and run off the field. So I said I’ll give it a shot and I’m really glad she talked me into it because I’m really blessed to be where I’m at now,” added Marouf.

Marouf came to Norfolk State and started kicking last year. But he received some bad news about his mother at the end of the season. “After the last game of last year, she told my dad, something doesn’t feel right. He took her to the hospital and they told her she needed a liver transplant,” said Marouf.

Nancy was weeks away from receiving a new liver, but did not make it. Cameron passed the news on to his teammates just before kickoff of the 3rd game of the season, “I told them right before the William & Mary game, and he told everybody that she passed and once the game was over, text messages started coming in from my teammates saying they were sorry. They have been there the whole time so I am very proud of them,” said Marouf.

Being a field goal kicker can at time be isolating, but Cameron Marouf found out just what he means to this team soon after his mother Nancy passed away. “They gave me a game ball and the whole team signed it and at the funeral, I got a jersey and put it and the ball right in front of her casket, so it was honorable,” said Marouf

This past weekend Marouf returned to football. Ten family members and friends saw Marouf kick 3 field goals, two from over 40 yards to help lead Norfolk State to its first win of the season. He was honored as the MEAC Special teams player of the week. In return, Marouf honors his mother with each kick he takes. “To her football was everything. She always wanted to come down here. She was my biggest fan and still is and always will be my biggest fan,” said Marouf.

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