Drivers’ patience wears thin over Tidewater Dr. project

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Some 60,000 vehicles pass through the Little Creek Road and Tidewater Drive intersection each day. But since last winter, construction on the underpass, overpass, and other improvements have sent drivers to alternate routes.

“They just need to hurry up and finish it because the flow of traffic, it’s already hectic, ’cause we’re so close to the base. And it’s too much, too much,” said driver Elisa Banks.

Another driver, Terry Williams, said he grew up in the nearby area and thinks the project will be worth it. “They got a lot of signs to help you, and you put up with a little irritation to get some good at the other end,” he said.

At the other end will be a biker, walker and driver friendly project, according to Norfolk Public Works spokesperson Jeneen White.

“Nobody likes detours, but when we look around the detours we look at public safety first. So, traffic had to be re-routed because you can’t take cars through this area while construction is underway.”

Clayton Callihan, who works at Patriot Computers in a nearby shopping center, has seen little impact.

“It’s not changed too much. Most of it is trying to explain to people the difference in the traffic, especially with all the cones down there and stuff. So business hasn’t changed too much, just frustration,” He told

But White said even that will change before Thanksgiving

“You’re in an area where you have a combination of residential and commercial properties, and we don’t want to do anything to interrupt that, so the bulk of the work on this project will be done before the holiday season,” she said.

White said that was a big consideration during the planning of this project. Click here for more information on the project.

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