Cox Campers keep it all in the family

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – At Cox High School in Virginia Beach, the Camper family spends a great deal of time getting better at the game of football. Father John and brothers Blake and Jack all play an important role for the Falcons. “I’ve been very fortunate to be able to spend time with my sons, all three of us playing the game that we love,” said John Camper.

Blake Camper is a senior tackle. At 6’7″, 285 pounds, he recently committed to play for Rutgers. “I really like the proximity where they are. I really feel like that they showed me that it’s not always about where the other schools that everyone else goes too and I feel like I made a good choice,” said Blake.

Lining up next to Blake at tight end is younger brother Jack who at 6’5″, 200 pounds is following in Blake’s footsteps. “It’s been a really good relationship and he’s helped me through a lot of things. I feel like its more like a friendship and not like brothers. It’s like that with my father as well,” said Jack.

The two boys have been taught well. Father John played his college ball at Duke University in the 80’s and won an ACC title under head coach Steve Spurrier. John coaches offensive line for the Falcons and keeps a close eye on his two sons. “To watch them develop within a really good program and to see them develop relationships with other teammates, go through the ups and downs of a season and the challenges that they may have of having a good game or a bad game and watching the interactions with other players brings me back to when I was playing,” said father John.

While Blake will move on to college next season, the Camper family is enjoying this special moment in time where the whole family can share the same field, with the same goal in mind. “It’s really cool looking over at the sideline seeing your dad and playing alongside my brother; it really brings the whole family atmosphere considering my whole family went here, it just adds to the whole experience,” added Blake.

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