Woman details experience being drugged at local bar

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Bars and restaurants will be packed for the weekend. But before you head out, one local woman wants you to hear her story, hoping you won’t end up in the same predicament.

Caryn Kelly says a night on the town turned into a nightmare when someone slipped something in her drink.

“It just needs to stop,” Kelly said. “You should be able to go to a restaurant or bar or club and enjoy a drink and not worry about if you are going to make it home. If I would have actually passed out, no idea what would have happened to me.”

Kelly said a seizure may have saved her life last Saturday. She thought she was being cautious while out with a friend. They only remember someone getting close to their drinks once the whole night, and they moved them quickly after realizing that. But it may have been all the time needed to set the evening on a totally different path.

“I just started not feeling right, started shaking and told Shelley I didn’t feel well,” Kelly said. “She said, ‘do you need something to eat?’ and I was like, ‘no, I just ate.’”

Kelly detailed her experience on Facebook, speaking of dinner and a single drink at a Virginia Beach restaurant with her friend, walking over to a bar and ordering one more drink. Soon after, she says two men engaged them in conversation, and she very quickly And soon after she knew something wasn’t right.

“When I first got it, it was a very sweet drink, a cranberry mix, and by the last sip that I had, it was very bitter tasting, so I stopped drinking it,” Kelly said. “Upon getting up, I started stumbling into people. I felt very intoxicated, although, I wasn’t drunk at all.”

She had a seizure and began vomiting in the bathroom. People surrounded her until an ambulance arrived as she had a total of six seizures in an hour. It was a shocking night for both friends.

“It was almost like a mob of people came and got me and said your friend is out back having a seizure,” Shelley Douros said. “The thought of it right now makes me very emotional.”

Kelly has filed a police report, but in the meantime sexual assault counselor Nicole Brown at the YWCA of South Hampton Roads says it’s good that the women are using their voice and sending a warning to others.

“If you feel any different at all, I think it’s always important to go with your gut, if you realize I had two drinks, but I feel like I had seven,” Brown said. “We know this is happening way more often than we can put on paper.”

Statistics show one in five women will become victims of rape in their lifetime, and that number is increasingly involving date rape drugs.

Kelly spent the last week contacting local bars and makers of products that combat experiences like hers and worse to keep it from happening to you. She says the doctor at the emergency room said all the water she drank and her vomiting probably kept her from passing out. She said they told her they were unable to test for a drug because they’re so easily metabolized.

10 On Your Side checked with a doctor, who verified how hard many date rape drugs are to trace.

WAVY.com will be keeping on top of the police investigation from here.

Click here for more information about date rape drugs, and in case you need a hotline to the YWCA of South Hampton Roads, call the Helpline at (757) 226-YWCA (9922).

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