Hampton killer gets 10 years

Patrick Roberts

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — A 10 year prison sentence — that’s what Hampton jurors recommended for a man convicted of shooting and killing 27-year-old Charlie Moses Woodbury last year.

Before he was sentenced Friday, Patrick Roberts took the witness stand to express his remorse over what he called a “split-second decision.”

Woodberry lost his life outside Jack’s Restaurant, off East Pembroke Avenue, from a bullet wound to the chest. That parking lot fight was back in May 2013. Police arrested and charged Roberts with the crime. A jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter and recommended he spend a decade behind bars.

Woodberry’s mother, Regina Huff, has mixed feelings: “First-degree murder, that’s what I really wanted, but they came back with that. I’m still happy, but I don’t have my closure yet. I will never have my closure of my son being murdered,” she said.

Huff is helping raise the three children her son left behind — children made fatherless by Robert’s actions that night.

“One of the Woodberry family members said it best when they said there’s no really winner here today. Both families are going to suffer from the outcome,” Michele Cavanaugh, Roberts’ attorney, told WAVY.com.

Dwayne Woodberry, the victim’s uncle, agrees.

“We understand if our family is hurting, their family is hurting as well,” he said. “Hopefully he’ll learn from this. When he gets out, he’ll be a young man and he’ll be able to get out here and help others not be in this situation.”

Huff said Charlie Woodberry was set to head back to school the day after he was killed.

Roberts will be back in court on September 30 to face a judge on unrelated weapons and malicious wounding charges.

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