Police captain talks about fraud indictments

Doug Davis, Jr.

WAVERLY, Va. (WAVY) — On Wednesday, a captain with the Waverly Police Department will face a judge.

Doug Davis, Jr. is accused of fraud. He had three jobs at three separate jurisdictions at once, but is now only employed in Waverly, where he remains on administrative duty with pay. He is a 20-year veteran of law enforcement, indicted for falsifying time sheets.

“It took a lot out of me,” Davis told WAVY.com. “How do I get through this? Well, I just rely on my family.”

In 2011, he became Police Chief in Newsoms. Then in 2012 he became a Captain with the Waverly Police Department. Then in 2013 he became a drug investigator with the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina.

Davis does not have children, which led to the obvious question: why is he working three jobs?

“I just enjoy doing it. I always work a lot of hours. I just like it,” Davis told WAVY.com at the the office of his attorney, Daniel Vinson. “I feel I was set up, I really do.”

Davis said there was bad blood with the previous Waverly police chief, Travis Christian, who along with former Waverly mayor, Walter Mason, asked Virginia State Police to investigate Davis.

“As I said before, the investigation started from the Waverly Town Hall … because of the time sheets,” Mason told WAVY.com.

The time sheets showed Davis was working two places at once.

“Say I was working 16 hours today, and I didn’t work yesterday,” Davis explained. “Chief Christian was insisting I put down eight hours today and eight hours the prior day, even if I didn’t work.”

Davis said he reported his hours exactly the way Christian wanted him to: “I was instructed to put those times down, and it may have shown I was in Waverly when actually I wasn’t, but that is what I was instructed to do by the chief.”

On some days, the time sheets show he was working a 24-hour day. What about that?

“I have worked 24 hours without going to sleep. I have done that,” Davis said.

“It goes back to the time sheets and the instructions my client received from Chief Christian, at the time,” Vision said.

This officer of the law is now finding himself on the wrong side of the law.

“I just got to have faith that the legal system and the judicial system, go through the courts and everything, will be seen to be for what it actually is … I felt like I was set up,” Davis said.

Davis estimates the total amount of pay that is in question is somewhere between $1,100 and $1,200.

WAVY.com called former Chief Travis Christian at his new job with Petersburg Police. We left a message and then asked the dispatcher to have him call us. He never called back.

Former Waverly Mayor Walter Mason also said he would call Christian, but Christian did not call us.

Davis is scheduled to be arraigned on five felonies and a misdemeanor in Sussex County Circuit Court on Friday.

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