ODU Confessions Facebook page prompts search warrant

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Old Dominion University police want to know if someone’s confession on social media about drugging someone in their care is real, so investigators are asking Facebook for more information.

“ODU Confessions” is a Facebook page dedicated to life on campus, but some of the posts are questionable. WAVY.com obtained court documents on Tuesday about the anonymous post sent to the Facebook page’s administrator.

Document: Facebook search warrant

According to the search warrant, the post “implies the sender gave drugs or alcohol to the victim, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.” If the confession is true, police say they are worried the drugs will cause an adverse — or potentially fatal reaction — to the victim’s frail immune system.

According to the post, the author enjoys caring for the victim when she is unconscious and sick. The sender has since deleted his/her Facebook account.

ODU wants Facebook to release the identity of the person who sent the message, I.P. addresses, and biographical posts. WAVY.com has not been able to find out if Facebook has complied with that request.

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