Student claims Phoebus High security guard hurt him

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A Hampton high school student claims a school security guard grabbed him and hurt him as he was going up stairs Friday.

15-year-old Rashon Shears is a sophomore at Phoebus High School. His mother, Tosha McSweeney, said she has a problem with what her son told her about his day in school Friday.

“He told me that he was going up the steps towards his classroom, and from out of nowhere, a man had grabbed him with two hands around his throat and kind of like threw him back towards the steps … He didn’t hear nobody telling him like move or get out of the way or tap him, saying that he’s in the way. He just was grabbed … I don’t even put my hands on my son, and for somebody else to, it is just, I mean, it’s ridiculous,” McSweeney told 10 On Your Side.

Spears said he believes a school security guard grabbed him amid a ruckus happening at the top of the stairs.

“He told me that he felt victimized and he was really upset and kind of embarrassed because it happened in front of his friends,” McSweeney said.

She said that her son went to the nurse’s office when a teacher noticed the marks on his neck. The boy’s grandmother said the assistant principal called her to tell her about the incident on Friday. Rashon went to the emergency room Sunday to be treated for a neck sprain, the family said.

Hampton police said the incident was not an assault and that officers took down a report from the family, but didn’t find any criminal intent. The family said the school told them there was a video of the alleged incident, but they have not been allowed to see it. They said they are now considering legal action.

On Sept. 23, Hampton City Schools spokeswoman Dianna Gulotta said, “Phoebus High School completed a thorough investigation of the parent’s allegation arising from an incident in the school hallway. The investigation revealed that all Hampton City Schools staff responded appropriately and pursuant to School Board Policies and procedures.”

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