Small town police captain center of fraud investigation

WAVERLY, Va. (WAVY) — A local police captain faces charges after state police investigators say he wasn’t truthful on his timecards.

Waverly Police Captain Douglas Davis Jr. is now on administrative leave, accused of fraud, five felonies and a misdemeanor charge for obtaining money by false pretenses.

The story takes place in Waverly, a small town on Route 460. And how Davis filled in time sheets was how the whole thing started.

“The investigation started from the Waverly Town Hall,” former Waverly Mayor Walter Mason told

Photos: Small town police officer indicted

The decision to suspend Davis was first made by Mason and the former police chief, who has since left the department.

“I learned about the time sheets from the chief of police … there were discrepancies about the hours that were being worked … hours were excessive,” Mason said.

So, Virginia State Police took over, and Davis was suspended without pay during the criminal investigation. For reasons that are in dispute, Davis was reinstated with back pay just to be put on administrative leave.

Complicating the situation, Davis was on the payroll of three different jurisdictions at the same time: he was a drug-investigations supervisor with the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, then he got the job in Waverly, and then he got a job as police chief in Newsoms.

Virginia State Police gathered time sheets from all three departments, showing Davis clocked in several 24-hour days in Waverly.

“We audited the whole police force,” Mason said.

A source told an explanation for the time sheet discrepancies is that the previous police chief and someone on council told Davis he was a salary worker and said that was how he was supposed to fill in his timecard.

“You’re innocent until proven guilty right,” said Derrick Banks, the new Waverly Police Chief. “I’m not saying he did this or not, it’s up to the state police. It’s their case.”

State Police had no comment except to write this in a release:

The Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Chesapeake Field Office initiated the investigation in February 2014 at the request of the Town of Waverly Police Department. On Tuesday, a Sussex County grand jury handed up the six-count indictment against Davis. The charges stem from Davis’ falsification of time sheets during the time of his employment with the police department. Davis was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon without incident. He was released on bond. The investigation remains ongoing at this time. The case is being prosecuted by Prince George County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jay C. Paul, who has been appointed as special prosecutor.

Douglas Davis lives in North Carolina and 10 On Your Side could not reach him. His attorney, Jack Randall, said his client did nothing wrong. He said he is looking forward to convincing a jury of Davis’ peers that is true.

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