VDOT’s intersection project to take out 2 private properties

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — At 1 p.m. Wednesday, WAVY’s traffic cameras saw an abundance of vehicles at the intersection of North Hampton Boulevard and Military Highway. And all those vehicles are good for Cavalry Cars owner Tony Cerza.

“We’re happy here. We have a lot of employees who are happy here. We’ve got employees been with me 20 years,” Cerza said.

But Calvary Cars could be closing its doors in the near future because VDOT has said it has to go.

“We believe that it’s in the public’s interest, and that a fair and equitable price will be offered and it will be accepted,” said Frank Fabian of VDOT.

That traffic that’s good for Calvary Tires, Fabian said, is a sign that a wider road is needed. So VDOT is proposing a “continuous flow intersection,” where left-hand turn lanes start further back from the intersection. And to construct it, VDOT needs to take not one, but two properties. They have not presented Cerza or the other property owner with an offer for their land, yet.

“It is frustrating, very frustrating,” Cerza said. “And we, as business owners and land owners, you don’t expect your government to do that to you.”

Cerza has been a business owner in Norfolk for 34 years. But VDOT says a lot of commuters want their government to improve their roads.

“One of the reasons we’re doing this is because of public outcry, public complaints, about improving this intersection,” Fabian said. “People are sick of sitting in traffic, wasting their time. their fuel and decreasing their quality of life.”

But Tony Cerza wants to know why the same isn’t said for his quality of life. He spent his life at Calvary Cars and said one day he planned to lease it out and live off the rent –- that was his retirement plan.”

“That would be gone, no income,” Cerza said.

The Virginia Department of Transportation held a design public hearing on Wednesday on the proposed continuous flow intersection — for more information on the project, click here.

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