Residents displaced by flooding salvage belongings

Village and Cedar Creek apartments in Portsmouth (WAVY/Liz Palka).

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — City codes inspectors were back out at City Line apartments on Wednesday, as displaced residents checked the damage, salvaged what they could and began drying out their first-floor apartments.

Jonathan Gaddis showed several bed linens he was able to salvage from his flooded home.

“Probably had a foot of water inside the apartment. Pretty much everything else got ruined,” he said.

He’s been through it before, having lived at the apartment complex for about six years.

Photos: City Line Apartments flood again

“I have no place to go. It’s income-based housing. A lot of places, you know, you have to have a certain amount of income to get in, and this was the only place I was able to find to get in. And it took two years just to get in here,” Gaddis said.

He said he’s on a waiting list to move upstairs. Until then, city codes inspectors are taking a detailed look at the damage on the first floor.

“Once they’re finished, they’ll talk with the management team there, let them know what things need to be fixed, then it’ll be in the management’s hands and their contractors’, in terms of the timeline for getting them fixed and when the residents can move back in,” City of Newport News Spokesperson Kim Lee told

Lee said the city, along with property managers, have made improvements over the years to try and stop the flooding, but as for this week’s issues, she blames heavy rain in a short amount of time in a low-lying area near a tidal creek.

Residents in the affected apartments are making other housing arrangements and moving their belongings. Gaddis is staying at a hotel provided by the apartment complex management.

“The longest I was in [a hotel like this] was two and a half months, still had to pay rent,” he said.

He told us the company is supplying moving trucks for residents, beginning on Thursday.

Patty Schwayder, a spokeswoman for the company that owns City Line apartments, issued a statement about the predicament: “The best we can do is make sure people are safe, moved as quickly as possible to an alternate living location, repair the damage and get people back in as soon as possible.”

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