NN residents: Racist grafitti appears whenever it rains

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A 10 On Your Side viewer sent us a picture of racist graffiti on an I-64 sound wall in Newport News. When we got there, it looked like it had been cleaned up — until Andy Fox investigated.

Someone plastered the words “N****** die” on the wall, which runs along a neighborhood off Denbigh Boulevard

“I don’t like it at all. I think it is disgusting,” Christina Bramlett said. Maybe about a year ago, she said she saw kids near the wall on her street, and the next morning found the hateful message. “It was pretty degrading, disgusting, I didn’t like seeing it. I don’t like seeing it now, and we still do,” she said.

Neighbors said they see it, too. But when WAVY.com arrived at the scene, we didn’t see anything except faint letters that looked liked they’d been cleaned up.

“Every time it rains, we see it, and we come around the corner and our light shines on it. You see it every time,” Bramlett said.

Heavy rain has hit Hampton Roads this week, and that likely revealed the nasty words, bleached into the porous nooks and crannies of the sound wall. We tested the theory, using a hose to spray down the wall. And sure enough, the words emerged.

Bramlett claims she called police about the problem: “I told the police officer, I saw the children that did it. He came out and said he would take care of it.”

In fairness to everyone, there appears to be no record of any calls, but WAVY.com called Newport News. City spokesperson Kim Lee emailed us back: “While we have no record of receiving any calls about this offensive graffiti, we will have crews out there this week to take care of it.”

10 On Your Side also called VDOT, which maintains the wall on the interstate side. They have since painted the wall.

(WAVY/Larry Carney)
(WAVY/Larry Carney)

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