Flooding takes toll on Portsmouth residents, businesses

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A student wading through knee-deep water and a car left dead in the road — these are the scenes of Portsmouth as flooding from Monday continued into Tuesday.

Ricky Brown paid people to push him out of the middle of the street. “I was trying to drive through, and the car in front of me stopped,” he said. “Water was over the top of my door. I thought ‘I can’t swim,’ and I had to swim to the side of the road.”

Kim Gridley had to walk from her home to buy milk for her child. “I think it’s nasty, and they need to do something about this sewage system out here,” she said. “And people need to stop driving through the water it’s just making it worse.”

Over at RocketBike Marketing on High Street, high-powered fans are drying out what got wet.

“We were halfway through the day, and the water started coming over the curb,” said owner Max Greenhood, who opened his business two weeks ago. “It was splashing up against our front door.”

Portsmouth recently switched to plastic water meter covers from iron ones. These newer covers have transmitters attached making it easier to read the meters. But when the water picked up, those plastic covers floated away. Now city workers are hunting down the right ones to put with the right water meter holes.

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