HRT study: Tide’s extension could be done by 2018

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton Roads Transit gave a presentation to Virginia Beach City Council Tuesday about a study related to extending the Tide into Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study is supposed to see what the best way is to use a former freight rail that runs from Newtown Road to Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach. The study looked specifically at an area that spans from Newtown Road to the Oceanfront at 19th Street.

Document: HRT’s presentation on Virginia Beach Transit Extension study

Right now, they are looking at four options for extending the Tide that starts at Newtown Road:

  • three miles to the Town Center Area
  • almost five miles to the Rosemont Area
  • about 12 miles to the Oceanfront along the NSRR corridor
  • a little more than 13 miles to the Oceanfront through the Hilltop Area

Document: Virginia Beach Transit Extension Study summary

The two types of technology they are considering are light rail and bus rapid transit. The transportation system they would build would be purposed to support the local tourism industry.

Upon completion, which is estimated to be in 2018, the project could cost up to $327 million and is expected to carry about 2.8 million people a year.

Hampton Roads Transit welcomes public suggestions and comments on the project — just call 757-222-6098 or go to

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