Pit bulls quarantined after vicious attack

The Blacknalls' Pomeranian.

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – Animal Control put three pit bulls under quarantine after they reportedly attacked and killed a Pomeranian Friday morning.

Animal Control officers were called out to the 100 block of West Kelly Avenue in Hampton to track down three loose pit bulls, according to Sgt. Jason Price with the Hampton Police Division. This was after the owner of a Pomeranian was walking down W. Kelly Avenue around 7:40 a.m. and the pit bulls attacked.

“She was hollering and screaming,” said John Blacknall, who knew something was terribly wrong and tried to get quickly out of the house to his wife Aline and their Pomeranian.

The Blacknalls' Pomeranian.
The Blacknalls’ Pomeranian.

“I’m blind myself, and I was trying to come out the front door here, and when I got along here, by the end of the walkway, there was two dogs, pit bulls, that had pulled the dog out of her hand and were dragging it down the street,” Blacknall said.

Animal Control tracked down all three dogs; two were still running around loose and the third had returned to its home.

Aline and John Blacknall were not injured, but their dog did not survive.

“She took it pretty badly,” Blacknall said. “She was out here walking the dog. They come from next door. They jumped over the fence and walked up behind her.”

By then, a neighbor, Shawn Anderson, heard her screams, came outside and was able to hand the puppy back to her.

“He was still breathing in my arms, and I gave him to her. That’s all I know,” Anderson said. ” … It’s heartbreaking. It’s very heartbreaking … because that’s her baby. She always walks her baby.”

Anderson said the three pit bulls are not aggressive, that kids in the neighborhood play with the dogs — two female, one male — all the time. He’s just trying to figure out what caused the attack.

The owner of the pit bulls was identified. At this time, no charges have been filed, Price said.

Stay with WAVY for updates.

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