Drug possession suspect charged with swallowing evidence

Wade Robert Coote (Dare County Sheriff's Office mugshot)

DARE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — Officers from the Dare County Narcotics Task Force arrested a man after he allegedly swallowed crime evidence following a vehicle stop in Kill Devil Hills.

According to officials, 26-year-old Wade Robert Coote was arrested after officers saw him place unknown items in his mouth during a vehicle stop, Wednesday.

Coote was then transported to the Outer Banks Hospital for observation. He was arrested after his release and transported to the Dare County Detention Center. He was charged with destroying criminal evidence, conspiracy to sell or deliver heroin and possession with the intent to sell/manufacture or deliver heroin.

Coote remains behind bar on $25,000 bond.

Police also arrested 34-year-old Kristin Dale Russell, who was with Coote in the car. She was charged with possession with the intent to manufacture/sell or deliver heroin, sell or deliver heroin, conspire to sell/deliver heroin.

Russell was released on $15,000 bond.

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