Chemical flash sends students to the hospital

Firefighters confer outside the Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno, Nev., Wednesday Sept. 3, 2014. A minor explosion during a science experiment at the museum burned several children and forced the evacuation of the museum. (AP/Scott Sonner)

RENO, NV (WAVY) – A scary situation in Reno, Nevada left some students with burns. They were at a science museum watching a demonstration about tornadoes when there was a chemical flash.

Video captured during the accident shows fire fall from a table and ignite on the ground as the young children try to get away. museum accident

Police say the museum used a chemical mixture that is supposed to create a whirling tornado effect. The museum says it is a routine demonstration it does every day and is not sure how the chemical flash started.

Eight children and one adult went to the hospital with minor burns and smoke inhalation.

There was no damage to the museum.

A sign on the door said it will reopen as scheduled Thursday.

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