NNPD warns about money card scam

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Newport news police want to get the word out about a scam that involves a telephone call and a prepaid Green Dot money card.

Sergeant Randal Bailey told WAVY.com, “The Newport News Police Department has seen an increase in scams regarding re-loadable credit cards. During these scams, the scammers will often times call a residence pretending to be either Virginia Power, Verizon, or any other service you may have at your home.”

Bailey said the callers may say your account is past due and that your services will be turned off. They may say their credit card machine is down and ask you to pay the bill by purchasing a re-loadable credit card. They’ll take your money, and you’ve been scammed.

Sgt. Bailey said the scammers will try to get anyone.

“I, in fact, got a phone call several weeks ago here at the police station, someone claiming to be from the I.R.S., stating that I had back taxes from the year 2012, and asked me to give them my home address”, Bailey said.

Newport News police say one local  victim lost $2,500. Police say if you get a call like this, ask a lot of questions, and call your service provider directly by using the number on your bill. Plus, get as much information as you can from the caller and remember: the authorities will never call you and tell you they’re coming to arrest you.

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