Sen. Warner talks foreign policy at Bobby Scott picnic

Senator Mark Warner at Rep. Bobby Scott's annual Labor Day picnic in Newport News, Sept. 1, 2014 (WAVY/Rob Rizzo).

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — People and politics come together every year at a picnic in Newport News, and this Labor Day was no different.

Congressman Bobby Scott hosted his 38th annual Labor Day picnic Monday afternoon, and some of the current events discussed included the nation’s foreign policy. This as politicians talk regularly about a growing threat in the Middle East with the Islamic militant group ISIS.

Senator Mark Warner, who earlier greeted folks at the picnic, later discussed his view on the situation overseas with reporters.

“I think the President has acted accordingly, in terms of the bombing missions, but I also think we need to recognize this cannot be solved by America alone,” Warner said. “We need the people of Iraq to show a government that’s comprehensive and involves all the various religious sects. We need to see the other states in the region, the Sunni nations as well, step up.”

Congressman Scott said the President is working on a strategy to deal with ISIS, despite criticism from people in both parties.

“The same people that are anxious about doing something now are the ones that got us into Iraq without any justification at all, and we’re still unwinding our way out of that,” Scott said. “So we need to do something, and the President is working on a strategy that is limited, targeted and won’t get us involved in a ground war.”

Scott believes few people in the U.S. are interested in that happening again.

Both Senator Warner and Congressman Scott are seeking re-election in November.

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