Police want to recognize people who helped save man’s life

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach Police want to recognize two people for their quick-thinking. Their actions likely helped save a man’s life Friday night at the American Music Festival.

According to Master Police Officer Tonya Borman, around 10:17 p.m. Friday, a 65-year-old man went into full cardiac arrest in the area of 6th Street and the boardwalk. When officers responded they found two people performing CPR and chest compressions on the man.

Leigh Curran tells WAVY.com she was one of the nurses who helped save the man. The Chesapeake resident is a school nurse at Jolliff Middle School. Curran was at the Oceanfront Friday night for the American Music Festival. They had walked a block down the boardwalk when they saw a man collapse.

“I turned around and he was laying on the bike path right beside the boardwalk,” said Curran. “His wife was screaming, so it was obvious something was terribly wrong.”

Curran and another man ran over to the man. The two established they were both nurses and started performing CPR and chest compressions.

Three officers took over CPR from the two good Samaritans when they responded to the scene, while five other officers helped keep a crowd of people back.

While the officers were attempting to save the man, Sgt. Fox used an Automated External Defibrillator to shock the victim, which brought him out of cardiac arrest.

“I stayed with his airway,” said Curran. “So when we lifted him onto the stretcher, and they moved him toward the ambulance, that’s when I got out of the mix.”

Curran said she checked to make sure he was doing alright in the ambulance before her family left.

“I could see that he still had a heartbeat and that he was breathing and so that’s when we left,” said Curran. “And I just had to hope that maybe I would hear that he continued to be ok.”

Police said the victim was awake and talking to officers before he left the scene.

Curran said she was relieved to find out police were looking for her and the other nurse. She was thrilled to hear the man was recovering.

“All of us working together were able to save his life,” said Curran. “And the fact that God put us all in the right place at the right time to be able to help him is awesome.”

Curran encouraged others to learn CPR. She said you can always take a class through your local EMS department.

Police put out a notice that said they were looking for the two individuals who helped save the man’s life so they can recognize them for their life-saving efforts and so the man they helped save can thank them. WAVY News has connected Curran with police. They are still looking for the other individual involved. Police ask you to call the Virginia Beach Police Public Affairs Office at 757-385-4097.

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