Hampton schools in need of math teachers

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — When Hampton City Public Schools welcome students back after Labor Day, the district will start the new school year with a number of faculty positions unfilled.

“Right now we are lacking six math teachers at the high school level,” said Diana Gulotta, a spokesperson for Hampton schools.

The lack of math teachers will affect students in grades nine through 12 at Bethel High School, Hampton High School, Phoebus High School and Bridge Port Academy, an alternative school.

“We did not have six openings last year. So, if you look at last year, compared to this year, it’s a little bit of a
concern,” Gulotta said. “But I don’t think it’s a Virginia concern. I think it’s really a national concern in really tying to get people who are interested in math to go into the teaching field.”

However, Gulotta said the school division has a solid plan.

“Thankfully, we have math coaches who are certified, who we can re-purpose and place in the classroom, until we
are able to hire math teachers,” she said. “So, we will be okay. We will have certified teachers. We do have a plan in place, but of course we’d like to put full-time teachers in those classrooms.”

Hampton City Public Schools encourages anyone qualified to apply for these math teacher positions — just click here, for more info.

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