Prepare for PrepareAThon!

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Shelley Winegrad from BayPort Credit Union stopped by The Hampton Roads Show to talk more about PrepareAThon and how taking steps now can make a big difference in an emergency.

September is National Preparedness Month and it’s also the peak of hurricane season here in Hampton Roads. FEMA and have teamed up for an awareness campaign called “PrepareAthon.”

To learn more on all of the PrepareAThon “how-tos” and to download the digital toolkit, visit!!

For more information on national preparedness month.. or to talk financial matters… stop by any of the BayPort Credit Union locations across hampton roads…or log on to

Week 1
How to… Reconnect with Family After a Disaster.
Out of town contact/family member
Where am I, injury/safety, conditions of surrounding area, battery life on cell phone, can I get home, where can I get to, etc.

Week 2
Know How to plan for specific needs before a Disaster.
Time – warning (how much vs. how little)
Family – immediate (children), extended (parents/grandparents), etc.
Medication/Disabilities – supply, availability
Pets – take them with, leave them behind
Finances – cash, how much, etc
Evacuation – planned rally point
Business – what’s your job, employer expectations
Responsibilities – faith community, volunteer organizations

Week 3
How to… Build an Emergency Kit.
Food, water – expiration, rotation, use & replace
Storage – water proof, seal, mobility
Skill set – Do you know how to turn off utilities, assess & treat injuries, fire suppression, search & rescue (CERT skills)

Week 4 & 5
How to… Practice for an emergency.
Drills!  Evacuation, shelter-in-place, etc.

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