ODU defense faces questions in 2014

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Considering what Old Dominion University’s high-octane offense has done to most defenses, there aren’t as many questions or concerns on that side of the ball. It’s the defense that has many Monarch fans wondering how much the offense will have to score once the 2014 season starts.

The Monarchs allowed 34 points per game in 2013, but as head coach Bobby Wilder points out, 13 true freshman played that same season. “”Last year was a transition year, and we were trying to win every game, but we were also trying to gain experience on that side of the ball,” said Wilder, “So those kids, all those young kids have had a great off season of conditioning.

“We’re bigger, faster, and stronger.”

Time will tell if their big, strong and fast enough, but Taylor Heinicke, who threw for 4,022 yards and 33 touchdowns last year, likes what he’s seen out of an improved unit. “Just they’re intensity (has improved),” said Heinicke, who heads into his senior campaign, “They’re doing their jobs well. The communication is there. You don’t see a lot of missed assignments now. You got people doing their jobs and doing it full speed.”

They’ll have their first test on Saturday when ODU opens up against cross-town rival Hampton University.

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