Heinicke, ODU realistic about Conference USA, FBS schedule

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Taylor Heinicke, who threw for 4,022 yards and 33 touchdowns over Old Dominion University’s transition football season, is confident his offense can duplicate that effort against a full Division 1 schedule.

“We had a great game against East Carolina, we had a great game against Pittsburgh, (and) we beat Idaho,” said Heinicke, who’s heading into his senior season, “We were beating (the University of North Carolina) after the first quarter, and then it just all went downhill.”

The Monarchs lost the ECU outing 52-38 in their first ever outing against a Division 1 foe, they lost 35-24 at Pittsburgh, and it’s not hard to forget their 80-20 debacle in Chapel Hill.

At ODU’s media day on Friday morning, Heinicke says there may be moments of adversity through his team’s first season in Conference USA. “It’s going to be physically harder on all of us; the beating on the body and stuff like that,” he said, “Mentally, if we lose a game by 50 points, (we have to get) up for the next week. We’ll have a big game.”

While that may be true, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm or excitement around the upcoming schedule, especially considering there is a championship and a potential bowl game to play for.

“That’s brought a renewed level of energy and excitement into our program,” said head coach Bobby Wilder.

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