Missing service dog found near home of sibling

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk teen turned to 10 On Your Side when her mother’s service dog disappeared Thursday night.

Lindsey Palmer and her mom, Maryellen Church, live in the Roosevelt Gardens neighborhood and spent Thursday night and early Friday searching for their beloved pet. WAVY.com met up with them and with their other dog Charlotte Taylor, walking the street looking and listening for their foxhound lab, Wyatt James.

Church explained why he’s so important: “I’m blind, so he’s not here if I want to walk around the block. He can at least walk me around the block. Wherever I’m at, he’s usually there to guide me so I don’t run into stuff.”

She’s had the dog almost four years, and in that time, he’s become like a part of the family.

“I want to find my dog,” Palmer said. “We love him very much. Not only does he help my Mom, he’s like my best friend.”

Somehow, someway Wyatt James got out of the house, initially unnoticed.

“The last time we saw him was last night at 9:30, and she got home with some pizza. We went in the house and we were eating pizza. He wasn’t there to get his slice, and we started looking for him,” Church said.

She called in a report to Norfolk Animal Care, and by early afternoon Friday an officer spotted the dog and brought it to the city shelter. There Church, Palmer and their friends were reunited with Wyatt James. He was found near the home of a sibling dog he was separated from days ago.

“Maybe he missed her, I don’t know,” Church said. “He’s never run away before. It’s funny how he was one house way from where she was at. So, I’m grateful.”

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