Bundick’s request for new attorney denied

Tonya Bundick requests new lawyer

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – Tonya Bundick’s request for a new attorney was denied Thursday.

The convicted Eastern Shore arsonist wrote a letter from jail in July, asking to have her public defender removed. Thursday, the motion was denied for the two cases in which Bundick has been convicted.

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She is scheduled to be sentenced in September. The pre-sentence report by her attorney has already been completed, and her request was denied.

Bundick has made it clear she does not want to represent herself, but would like a new attorney. In her letter sent to Accomack County Circuit Court, she wrote that the legal advice she has “been receiving is ineffective.”

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WAVY News was told after the September sentencing, her request for a new attorney could be revisited.

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