Landlord found guilty in sexual battery case

Camilo Delfinado (Photo by Norfolk Police)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk landlord was found guilty of sexual battery and assault and battery charges Wednesday after being accused of offering to trade rent for sexual favors.

Camilo Delfinado was arrested in May and charged with abduction-extortion of money for immoral purpose/attempt to defile, attempted rape and two counts sexual battery after a tenant reported he made several unwanted sexual advances toward her. She said he exposed himself to her after asking for sex in exchange for rent, and she recorded the encounter on her cell phone.

During a hearing in May, Delfinado said the woman invited him over to collect rent that she was behind on, then flashed him.

Wednesday, two more women testified with their own stories of unwanted sexual advances from Delfinado.  One woman spoke about deciding not to rent from Delfinado after he made several inappropriate attempts with her when she merely showed interest in one of his homes. In court she stated that she was told by Delfinado, “If I do him a favor, he can do me a favor. We’re both adults and we can work something out.” She says he grabbed her behind and she yelled back that she wasn’t for sale.

The third woman testified that Delfinado grabbed her breasts once when he said he was stopping by her rental home to check behind work his son had done for her.

Again he’s facing 2 1/2 years in jail and fines for three misdemeanors.

Delfinado was found guilty of three misdemeanors, two for sexual battery and one for assault and battery.

The case for attempted rape will go to a grand jury on Sept. 3.

WAVY News’ Anita Blanton reported the defense made a motion to appeal the misdemeanors. That will be heard at a later date.

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