Traffic cone plunges through driver’s windshield

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Driving along I-664 Sunday afternoon, Karen Taylor was happily chatting with her friend in the passenger seat when all of a sudden a safety cone plunged through her windshield.

“It was exactly like a bomb had exploded because the impact made such noise, and I was driving, and I went down like this ’cause I thought something had exploded inside my car,” she told

Photos: Traffic cone crashes into moving car

Taylor told a witness told her several kids hurled the 12-pound, bright orange traffic cone from an overpass near downtown Newport News.

Lucky for Taylor and her friend, it struck smack in the middle of the windshield. Besides the glass dust clinging to their eyelashes and elevated blood pressure, the women walked away physically fine, but mentally upset over the way state police handled the call.

“Nothing, they took nothing, he didn’t need my information for anything,” Taylor said.

10 On Your side asked Virginia State Police about the incident. A spokesperson emailed us to explain what happened is classified as an incident, not an accident, so troopers don’t take a report.

From what Taylor told, however, this sounds like a crime.

State police said there were no individuals on the overpass after the incident, and since the driver had no details on a possible suspect and the witness stated to them that she “thought” it “may” have been juveniles, police would not notify the public about a “may have” situation.

Nevertheless, Taylor, who is still a bit shaky, thinks drivers should we aware. She said the roadside assistance man who stopped to help told her they had another incident at a nearby overpass where four juveniles dropped another cone. Thankfully that one did not hit anyone.

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