Small camera found in Va. Beach locker room

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach police say a small camera was found in the women’s employee locker room at the Great Neck Recreational Center this week.

“It is disturbing,” said a patron of the center, Mackenzie Wells. “It is really disturbing.”

According to court documents, a female lifeguard noticed something odd about the electric socket in the women’s employee locker room on Sunday. When she took a closer look, she discovered it was actually a small camera. The camera was taken to supervisors, who noticed there was an SD card inside.

The paperwork alleges that as employees began looking at the camera, a male employee was the last person seen holding the camera before the SD card disappeared. That’s when supervisors called police. Police began investigating that employee. They searched his apartment and seized cameras, DVDs and a computer.

10 On Your Side is not going to name the male employee because he has not yet been charged.

“It is an invasion of your privacy, and there are children in there also,” said patron Holly Frey. “I think it awful that somebody would do that.”

“I come to the gym probably four to five times a week, and I always use the locker room,” Wells said. “That actually makes me really uncomfortable.”

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation officials won’t say the employee was fired, but they do say appropriate actions were taken.

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