Atlanta Hawks guard Kent Bazemore comes home

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY)- The advice comes quick. Followed by a demonstration. Kent Bazemore remembers the day when he was a young boy growing up in the little North Carolina town of Kelford and attending camps just like the one he is hosting this week at Norfolk Collegiate. “What I am preaching is to take every one of these moments and make it mean something. You should be going home tired each day,” said Bazemore.

After 3 years spent on the west coast playing for the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, Bazemore is now much closer to home. This offseason, the former ODU Monarch signed a 2 year, $4 million dollar deal with the Atlanta Hawks. “I was dying to get back here, so its great,” added Bazemore.

Following a successful playing career at Old Dominion, Bazemore went undrafted and remembers the moment he stood at the crossroads of his young professional career. “I had an eye-opening moment when I looked at this contract and it said Ukraine. I had never even heard of the place and I was not ready for that. For me its been a wild ride, but its been nothing short of amazing. The ups and the downs and all the obstacles. Its been fun,” said Bazemore.

Bazemore received a real life education at ODU. An education that involved a serious injury when he broke his foot and a DUI before his senior year. “It was something that really rips the game from you. Something takes what you think can never be taken away. That’s humbling and I now have a much better respect for the game of basketball,” added Bazemore.

He learned from both experiences and is now much better for it. He has a serious girlfriend, two dogs and would like to settle down while still pursuing a long career chasing a title in the NBA. “I do want a family with a wife and children and ultimately I do want to settle down, but right now its all about finding the right fit,” said Bazemore.

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