PD: Two masked men rob Chesapeake dollar store

Family Dollar robbed by masked men in Chesapeake on Aug. 13, 2014. (WAVY/Joel Hilton)

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Chesapeake police say a dollar store was robbed by two suspects Wednesday morning, one of whom was wearing a gorilla mask.

Kelly O’Sullivan with the Chesapeake Police Department said officers were called to the Family Dollar located in the 4300 block of Indian River Road just before 8 a.m.

Two male suspects armed with handguns fled on foot after robbing the store. O’Sullivan said one of the suspects was wearing a gorilla mask, and the other was wearing a black stocking.

“I just hope that we can curtail that around here because sometimes it becomes a part of the atmosphere in the community,” Chesapeake Family Dollar customer Tommie Smith said. “I’m sad that stuff like that is still taking place around here.”

Jacquelyn Cardona, who frequently visits the Family Dollar store, said she’s shocked by the heist: “I think that’s kind of scary. I’ve lived here for five years now, maybe six, and haven’t heard of any robbers in the area.”

O’Sullivan said police set up a perimeter in the surrounding areas and searched neighborhoods with canine officers. Detectives say the dogs lost the scent of the men and were unsuccessful in their search.

“I would love to see them come to meet their justice,” Smith said.

No additional information about the crime has been released at this time. Stay with WAVY News 10 for updates.

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