Some VB students to be shuffled this fall

Kemps Landing Old Donation School Groundbreaking Ceremony. July 2014. (Photo Credit: VB schools)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The construction of a new school in Virginia Beach is having a ripple effect that will impact hundreds of students this upcoming school year. Administrators are shuffling students around to different schools.

The word has already gone out to parents notifying them of the change this fall for students who attend Kemps Landing/Old Donation and Bayside Middle School.

Charmane Key’s daughter Shanice is set to attend the new sixth grade campus for Bayside Middle next month. It will be housed in the old Kemps Landing school off Jericho Road. Key said her daughter is looking forward to the change from elementary to middle school. “Just grown up, a little more independent. I think she’s excited about that.”

Seventh and eighth grade Bayside Middle students are staying put at their existing Newtown Road location. School administrators say the shuffle will move more than 300 sixth graders out of the building.

Veleka Gatling, VB Schools Executive Director for Differential Academic Programs and Professional Learning, said the hope is the change will help those students better transition from elementary to middle school. “This is an opportunity that we can meet their needs both academically and developmentally in providing additional support, smaller class sizes in our core content areas for both sixth graders and our seventh and eighth graders,” she said.

Gatling said there is another change for some 1,200 students while their new school is under construction and set to open in 2017. “Our students who are currently at ODC [Old Donation Center] and Kemps Landing Magnet School will be moving into Princess Anne Middle School which is located on Seaboard Road. This will facilitate a consolidation of our gifted program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.” The new school is being built at Independence Boulevard and Honey Grove Road.

Princess Anne Middle School students now attend the old Kellam High School on Holland Road. She says the school district is actually saving money by repurposing the vacated buildings.

You can find additional information about the move and construction details on Virginia Beach City Public School’s website, at this link.

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