Crews recover body of 8-year-old along beachfront

8-year-old Ace Horton (Photo provided by family)

CAPE CHARLES, Va. (WAVY) – Crews recovered the body of eight-year-old Uvihin Horton Tuesday morning.

Laurie Naismith with Virginia Marine Resources Commission said his body was found on the south end of the Cape Charles beachfront, near where he went missing Sunday.

Multiple local and state agencies had resumed searching at 7:30 a.m., using side-scan sonar, a dive team and boats. Rescuers located his body around 9:20 a.m.

Officials said the boy, of Trenton, New Jersey, was swimming with his family on Sunday when he went under the water and never resurfaced. A Good Samaritan on a personal watercraft rescued two adults, who were with him.

Family members, who referred to the boy as “Ace,” attended a prayer service in a gazebo along the beach Tuesday. It was hosted by Reverend Kelvin Jones of First Baptist Church Capeville. “The death of children tugs at the very heartstrings of each one of us,” he said.

Gina Granby, the boy’s grandmother, said she was grateful that crews had recovered Ace’s body.

“Dropped to my knees.That’s all I did, dropped to my knees and cried,” she said. “They found my baby. I wanted to see him, and I’ve seen him. My son said, ‘Bring him home’ and we’re bringing him home. We’re not bringing him home like he wanted, but we’re bringing him home.”

Cape Charles Police Chief Jim Pruitt said the divers’ search for Ace was made difficult by strong tides.

“One of them had to take his knife from his vest and stick it in the sand and pull himself along because the tide was pushing him so far,” he said.

Pruitt said crews discovered Ace’s body less than 80 feet from where he went under.

Following the prayer service, members of the community lined up to give the family hugs and words of support. Ace is expected to be buried in New Jersey. 

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