Woman found dead after hit-and-run crash

Jason Marks on woman found dead in Bertie County

BERTIE COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) – North Carolina Highway Patrol is looking for the driver who and hit and killed a woman, and then left the scene of the crash.

29-year-old Victoria Little was found dead early Sunday morning. Her body was lying in the middle of US 13 in Bertie County, just miles from the Martin County line. What makes her death bizarre is that stretch of highway is surrounded by nothing, but trees.

“Actually I don’t know what happened, but eventually we will know what happened to her,” said Little’s sister Nicole Perkins.

“It has been very tough,” added Little’s step-father Reginald Peele. “It is hard on everybody. Everybody knew Victoria.”

Troopers got a call about a body lying in the middle of the road. When they got there, Little was already dead. They believe she was hit by a car — even worse, that driver never stopped.

“It’s cruelty,” Peele said.

Authorities are unsure what Little was doing on the road at that hour. Anyone with information that can help in this investigation is asked to call Highway Patrol at (252) 332-6800.

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