NSU’s interim president gives address ahead of new school year

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Norfolk State University‘s interim president addressed faculty and staff Monday morning before the start of the academic year.

Eddie Moore met with employees at Wilder Center on campus after his speech. He said the university is moving forward from the fiscal and academic issues that greeted him when he was stepped in after former President Tony Atwater was fired.

One year later, Moore says the state of the university is strong.

Photos: NSU State of the University

“We’re stable and recovering on an upward trajectory and things will be better. Things are good now and they will be better,” said Moore. “We know we are capable of getting our financial work done. We’ve done a total review of our academic programs and we absolutely know we have qualified skilled faculty for every class that we’re offering.”

NSU  has cut one program from its curriculum after an accrediting body had problems with it.

“We eliminated the two-year nursing program. It was time. Hospitals aren’t accepting two-year nurses in abundance, so we eliminated the two-year nursing program. That issue is over. There was never an issue with the four-year program,” Moore explained.

He said he hopes this and other changes will help lift NSU from its “accredited with warning” status. NSU graduate Darlene Walker said she hopes so, too.

“He has turned somethings around and we will continue to turn some things around, and I think the people who are spouting the negativity just actually need to be informed,” said Walker.

“We worked over the summer to try to fix some things in academics and athletics and I think that it’s going to be a great year,” said Wilhelmina Wright Harrison, NSU Assistant Athletic Coordinator/Coach.

She also said there’s high morale on campus.

Moore expects to hear from external evaluators about the fiscal and academic programs some time in December.

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