West Nile virus detected in Va. Beach mosquitoes

Ava Hurdle reports on mosquito control

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Over the last three weeks, officials in Virginia Beach have seen five positive mosquito tests for West Nile Virus.

All the infected mosquitoes were tested at a Mosquito Control Biology Lab, according to Drew Landkford with Virginia Beach Public Works. The mosquitoes came from Redwing Park, the Thalia subdivision, the Kings Grant subdivision, the Windsor Woods neighborhood (near Mt. Trashmore) and on Old Dam Neck Road in Ocean Lakes.

Lankford said it’s not an unusually high number of positive cases, but it does mean WNV activity is increasing in the area.

In response, Mosquito Control has increased spraying in the areas where the positive cases were from. Other crews are treating any standing water in the same areas.

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