ME’s office asks for help solving Va. cold cases

Photos provided by T=the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) is asking for help solving multiple cold cases. The office is trying to identify several deceased individuals found in Central and Eastern Virginia between 1981 and 2003.

PHOTOS: Click here to see the computer-generated images of the individuals

The OCME has created computer-generated photographs showing how the people likely looked at the time of their deaths, based on evidence that was available.

According to a news release from the Virginia Department of Health, one of those computer-generated photographs of a man found in Newport News was circulated recently and helped identify the individual. Because of the success, the OCME has released pictures of more unidentified people, including three found in Norfolk and one in Emporia.

The ages of the missing persons are between 17 and 50. The pictures were also entered into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

State investigators say there are more than 230 unidentified people in Virginia with about 53 of those people in Hampton Roads.

If you have any information about the identities of the individuals, call a Norfolk OCME investigator at 757-683-8366 (in Norfolk) or 804-786-6056 or 804-786-3174 to reach investigators in Richmond.

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