Norfolk officer-involved shootings more frequent

NORFOLK, Va (WAVY) – A Norfolk police officer is on administrative leave after shooting a suspect over the weekend. It’s the fourth officer-involved shooting for the department this year.

Data shows Norfolk officers are becoming involved in shootings more frequently in 2014 than in the recent past.

In this weekend’s case at the Breezy Point Apartments, police say 24-year-old Jasmine N. Glespie was driving a black sedan when she struck a woman on Glen Myrtle Avenue early Sunday morning. According to police, Glespie kept going when an officer commanded her to stop. Police say she tried to flee in the direction of the officer and bystanders, and that’s when the officer fired at Glespie.

Glespie, who is also known as Jasmine Glasper, is a Sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, according to Navy AIRLANT spokesman Mike Maus. She was wounded, but is expected to recover in the hospital. She faces charges connected with striking the woman as well as felony assault on a police officer.

The woman police say Glespie struck is also expected to recover.

The other three officer-involved shootings this year were fatal. One involved a suspect, who had already shot and killed a teenager and a police officer.

Last year, the department had three such shootings, and just one in 2012. 10 On Your Side compared these numbers with Chesapeake and St. Petersburg, Florida. Like Norfolk, the cities have similar-sized populations and are part of larger metro areas.

So far this year, St. Petersburg police officers have been involved in shootings twice. Last year, however, the Florida city had eleven officer-involved shootings, seven of them fatal. In 2012, there were just three. The 2013 number shows that a city the size of Norfolk can have a spike in police-involved shooting incidents.

By comparison, Chesapeake has had one officer-involved shooting this year, none last year, and two in 2012.

The Norfolk officers involved in the three Norfolk shootings earlier this year remain on administrative leave. The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office will review the cases to determine if the officers can return to full active duty.

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