2-year-old’s legacy lives on after drowning

Toddler's legacy lives on after drowning

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia Beach family is mourning the loss of their two-year-old, after she drowned in a backyard swimming pool Monday evening.

I just wish we had more time, said grandmother Carolyn LeShure.

Toddler Juliana Murach, who was just beginning life, died this week. Family members found her floating, face down in the pool behind their home on Culmer Drive. They said she’d only been missing for a couple minutes.

“I can not imagine being the one to find her or having to go the emergency room,” LeShure said.

Juliana was rushed to a local hospital, but suffered severe brain damage. For days, family sat by her side as a ventilator did the breathing for her. Doctors determined there was no way to save her life.

“She still had a little bit of brain activity when I got here,” LeShure said. “She got to hear me telling her I love her.”

It just won’t be the same for her family. There, of course, will be thoughts of things she will miss.

“That’s going to be the hardest part,” said aunt Catheryn Brigham. “We are not going to bring her to her first day of kindergarten, or we are not going to give her a tiara for her 16th birthday or see her drive her first car.”

But the little girl didn’t waste much time making an imprint on this Earth. Her family decided to donate her organs so others could live, and with it, Juliana’s legacy lives on.

“That really helps everyone cope is even knowing that,” Brigham added. “I don’t want to see her go. We had no choice of that happening. We had the choice of helping other kids.”

Family members are in the process of planning a funeral. They’ve started a fund to help pay for the cost — if you want donate, click here.

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