An Achievable Dream program expands to Va. Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The “An Achievable Dream” program is expanding across Hampton Roads.

It started two decades ago in Newport News to give under served kids a better chance at succeeding in the public school system. Now it’s opened a location in Virginia Beach, and 10 On Your Side stopped by to watch students take part in a two-week summer session.

Photos: Achievable Dreams in Virginia Beach

Last week, kids from Kindergarten to second grade at Seatack Elementary were introduced to the program when the special summer intercession began. They are getting used to wearing uniforms, motivational morning assemblies and the Academy’s unique curriculum.

“They will have the opportunity to be exposed to social, academic and moral education,” said Lee Vreeland with the program. “So, in addition to academics, we are also exposing them to a social education, such as etiquette, speaking green, which is a standard business language, conflict resolution. We take a lot of field trips to expose them to as many enrichment activities as we possibly can. And really, it’s about a positive culture that we have high expectations, knowing that all students have equal opportunities.”

About 200 kids are participating in Virginia Beach’s Achievable Dream program. When they go back to school in September, they’ll be able to apply the skills they learned there in the classroom.

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