Chesapeake residents voice concerns about intersection

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A group of Chesapeake residents are concerned about the traffic pattern outside their Great Bridge neighborhood. was called out to the intersection of Battlefield Boulevard and Causeway Drive Tuesday. A frustrated resident posted a sign at the intersection that read: “Go ahead and block this intersection. Chesapeake Police won’t do anything about it.”

Chesapeake Police are looking into questions has about the intersection. However, other neighbors said the intersection seems to have more traffic pattern issues.

As it relates to the sign, longtime resident Ann McKenney said everytime the Great Bridge bridge opens on Battlefield Boulevard, traffic backs up. Drivers then block the intersection of Causeway Drive — a dead end street –making it impossible for residents to leave.

“It makes it difficult,” McKenney said. “If you want to make a left hand turn, they’ve got it blocked.”

Other residents said the intersection gets blocked every single day. The bridge opens every hour, on the hour. Residents said they constantly run into problems. Plus, a blocked road could caused problems, if there is an emergency on Causeway Drive.

The other problem residents have with this intersection is u-turns that cut too close to vehicles sitting at the intersection. There are no signs that say u-turns aren’t allowed at Causeway Drive. However, neighbors said they happen a lot and there have been collisions.

Neighbors said some of the u-turns are related to traffic coming from Albemarle Drive, which is a block away from Causeway Drive. Drivers can’t make a left across traffic from Albemarle Drive. They have observed drivers making the right onto Battlefield Boulevard from Albemarle, make a quick u-turn at Causeway Drive, and then continue on Battlefield in the opposite direction. While it’s legal, observed there is a small space for the u-turn. Neighbors added, the turning car often comes close to hitting the car on Causeway Drive waiting to turn.

“It’s just a hazard,” said McKenney. “Somebody’s going to get hurt.”

Resident said they would like to see city traffic engineers take a look at the pattern on Battlefield Boulevard, Causeway Drive, and Albemarle Drive. reached out to city spokespeople after hours. Check back in with this article for any updates on what can be done.

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