Va. lawmakers comment on same-sex marriage decision

Photo by WAVY/LaVoy Harrell

VIRGINIA (WAVY) — A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld a district court’s decision in Bostic v. Rainey Monday, which ruled Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Governor Terry McAuliffe issued the following statement on the ruling Monday:

I am overjoyed by the news that, as a result of today’s ruling, Virginia will become a state where two people who love each other can get married regardless of their sexual orientation. This is a historic ruling for our Commonwealth, and its effect will affirm once again that Virginia is a state that is open and welcoming to all.

I want to thank Attorney General Mark Herring for his leadership in this case, and all of the men and women who fought for years to make this day a reality. Progress does not always come as quickly as we hope it will, but today is yet another example of how justice, equality and the people who fight for those values will always persevere in the end.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) issued the following statement on the ruling Monday:

I am so happy that yet another federal court agrees that Virginia’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional,” Sen. Warner said. “Allowing people to marry who they love is the right thing to do, and it also strengthens our families and our communities. Virginia should be a welcoming place for all, and I am very pleased at the rapid progress toward marriage equality that we’re seeing in Virginia and around the country.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) issued the following statement on the ruling Monday:

Today’s decision is a victory for the Virginia value of equality. I campaigned against the ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in 2006 and was very disappointed when it passed. I am gratified that the 4th Circuit Court has recognized that this discriminatory provision has no rightful place in the Virginia Constitution.

Congressman Bobby Scott issued the following statement on the ruling Monday:

I applaud the Fourth Circuit for upholding the lower court’s decision in Bostic v. Rainey. This decision is based on sound legal reasoning consistent with a growing list of decisions by courts all over the country, beginning with the Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia. The Loving Court unanimously struck down bans on interracial marriage stating that marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man.’ And last year, the Supreme Court in U.S. v. Windsor continued this legal reasoning when it struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, which I opposed in Congress. Today’s decision is a critical step forward for marriage equality in the Commonwealth.

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