Clerk uses martial arts training to stop robbers

would be robbers2

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) – A group of would-be robbers knew a gas station employee was coming back with a bank bag, but apparently they didn’t know another employee was a mixed martial arts fighter.

Mayura Dissanayaka was behind the counter when he noticed his co-worker return to the store after a run to the bank. Several men in an SUV were watching too, because they went straight for the man and the bank bag as soon as he got out of his car.

Mayura ran outside and before the robbers even saw him, he jumped into action. “The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face… then I punched the other guy,” recalls Mayura.

He learned his moves from cage matches. He has trained in mixed martial arts for more than a decade and was named the MMA National Champion for five consecutive years in his native country of Sri Lanka.

In seconds, the would-be robbers began their retreat, running to their getaway car. While they were running, Mayura says he caught one guy with a hook and he fell, so his friends left him behind. Mayura put him in submission while he waited for police. Police arrived and left the man who was left behind. Officers are still looking for the other suspects.


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