“Blindside” Ross continues fight for Bengals roster spot

lakendrick ross bengals

CINCINNATI, OH (WAVY) – At 6-foot-5, 365 pounds, LaKendrick Ross is confident he can beat almost any offensive lineman he faces in the National Football League. For the one-year defensive tackle at I.C. Norcom High School in Portsmouth, it’s all about having the proper technique, as he found out a couple of days into training camp with the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I’m way stronger than (Bengals center Mike Pollak), but there was this move he did, and all my weight was on me. He threw me to the ground because I didn’t use the right technique, and I’m learning that day by day,” said Ross, who played just one year of college ball at Virginia University of Lynchburg.

More intriguing to his story is after losing his mother to a heart attack at age 12, Ross bounced around from group home to group home up and down the east coast before eventually finding a foster family in Chesapeake.

He once spoke of being a “troubled child” with a real troubled past, but now has a chance to make an NFL roster and live out his dream. “Coming from a school and only playing two years of football, I didn’t think I was going to get a chance,” said Ross.

“I think I’m blessed and I got enough skill that they’ll see what I can become. Hopefully, they’ll continue to invest in me and I’ll continue to get better and do what I have to do.”

WAVY TV and the FOX 43 Sportswrap will keep you up to date with Ross’s progress at training camp.

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