Gruden brings enjoyment back to Redskins

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RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) – Since the Washington Redskins began their mission to rebound from a 3-13 season in 2013, they’ve done so with a bit more of an up-beat attitude. It’s not much of a secret that quarterback Robert Griffin III and former head man Mike Shanahan did not always agree on things.

In fact that dynamic existed with a few players. Since Jay Gruden jumped on board, players say they’ve seen a pretty big improvement in overall moral. “You can definitely tell from day one of Jay’s regime that just the atmosphere in that building was a lot different, a lot looser,” said cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who’s heading into his 11th year in the NFL.

“The coaches were walking around the building smiling, laughing, joking, and that’s something we didn’t see too much of in the Mike Shanahan regime,” Hall said.

Near the start of a rain-soaked practice on Thursday morning, Griffin walked over to Gruden and gave his new head coach an almost playful bear-hug. “(Jay) brings a lot of energy,” said Griffin,
He’s funny, he’s personable, but we’re just excited to have him here, excited for a new year.

“Like I said, everybody’s 0 and 0. It doesn’t matter what happened last year.”

Now if the Redskins can just channel that sense of fun into an equally enjoyable offense.

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