Southampton County cleans up after storm

SOUTHAMPTON CO. (WAVY) — The Eastern Shore wasn’t the only area that saw severe weather Thursday. People in western parts of the region, like Southampton County, are also cleaning up storm damage.

The sound of chainsaws were buzzing all across the area Friday, as locals tackled the mess left behind the storm. The winds propelled a huge oak tree into a two-story home off Dixie Farm Road. It took out the chimney top and a portion of the roof, but thankfully, no on was hurt.

Cleaning up a huge oak tree Thursday morning’s storm propelled onto this 2 story home off Dixie Farm Road. It took out the chimney top and a portion of the roof. Luckily no one was hurt.

Photos: Southampton County storm cleanup 

“It was very frightening, very scary,” said Connie Renn, who watched the developing storm from inside her home. “It was a few minutes before 8. The winds started lifting high, things started flying in the air, and I told my husband, ‘I think its a tornado or something.'”

Her husband, Frank, said there was heavy rain along with the high winds.

“Our grand kids’ swing set ended up all twisted in our grapevines over there, you can see. We started looking around and went to check on our next door neighbors to see if they were alright,” he said.

At the two-story house, Rice Tree Removal workers said they expect to see more calls for similar work over the weekend.

“What we’re going to do is come through of course and clean everything up,” said Rice Tree Removal Jeff Rice. “Got the vehicles and equipment to come out to take it away. By the time we’re finished, it’ll look brand new.”

Many folks spoke with say they hope their insurance coverage will pay for the repairs.

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