Safety changes made at the Berkeley Bridge after bike crash

The Berkley Bridge pedestrian pathway. (WAVY/Liz Palka)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — After a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle on the Berkley Bridge’s pedestrian pathway last month, the Virginia Department of Transportation has implemented several safety measures.

VDOT conducted an internal review after the incident on June 14, and by July 18 the following infrastructure improvements were completed:

  • Installation of improved signage and paint markings on the pathway
  • Installation of flexible post delineators to guide bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Administrative procedures were also altered to:

  • Eliminate the routine use of full-size motor vehicles on the pedestrian access pathway
  • Require the use of golf cart-type vehicles for employee transportation
  • Require the use of walking spotters to identify any potential safety issues when full-size vehicles are required on the pathway for equipment transport or maintenance
  • Modify bridge operator access

VDOT says it will watch and see how the new safety measures pan out and make any changes, if needed.

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